GlobalCoin Cryptocurrency also known as (GLC) was registered in 2012
    and start to trade at the crypto currency market in 2013.

    Our mining and encryption process started in 2012 and keeps it working until today.
    We have more than 500 mining machine stationed around the world.
    They work continuously 24/7 in order to keeping our coin supply.

Globalcoin is a new distributed cryptocurrency offering anyone the possibility to take advantage of the benefits of using cryptocurrencies in an easy way and with an added value.

Some of these advantages are:
  • Ease of use of your account or wallet.
  • Promptness in operations with no limits.
  • Expense reduction for transactions.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Value free from depreciation and Government or financial institution intervention.
  • Possibility to get coin revaluations.

In Globalcoin, transactions are managed and verified by our user network. For this reason, we also offer the possibility to get an additional benefit by participating in this transaction verification process thanks to the Proof of Stake system. This means that the system rewards you with new coins just for using a wallet that participates in transaction verification.

But this is only one of the many features that make the GLCoin the most interesting cryptocurrency in the market. Stay tuned or visit our international market to know more about us.